“One Night With The King” quotes

Movie One Night With The King
Title One Night With The King
Original title One Night with the King
Year 2006
Director Michael O. Sajbel
Genre Drama, History, Biography
Plot – Young Esther hides her Jewish origin and marries the Persian king, becoming the queen of the reign, but Prime Minister Haman is leading an anti-Semitic persecution.
All actors – Tiffany Dupont, Luke Goss, John Noble, Omar Sharif, John Rhys-Davies, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, James Callis, Peter O'Toole, Javen Campbell, Jyoti Dogra, Indraneel Bhattacharya, Jonah Lotan
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  • “God, every day I pray for you to give me the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon. And what do you give me? You give me the endless equivocations... of a beautiful, young woman!”
    John Rhys-Davies - Mordecai
  • “Perhaps, instead of asking questions of our trials, our trials are ment to ask questions of ourselves.”
    Tiffany Dupont - Hadassah / Esther
  • “- Hegai, the Royal Eunuch: Where are you from?
    - Hadassah / Esther: I am... of the wind. Whose sound is heard yet none can tell from whence it comes or where it goes.
    - Hegai, the Royal Eunuch: Well, we gather in an hour. Try not to blow away before then.”

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Hegai, the Royal Eunuch
    Tiffany Dupont - Hadassah / Esther
    [Tag:knowledge, wind]
  • “- Hegai, the Royal Eunuch: You think an eunuch can know love? That before I was a cripple of a man, there was one that held my heart.
    - Hadassah / Esther: What became of her?
    - Hegai, the Royal Eunuch: I know not. I never found the courage to return to face her again.”

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Hegai, the Royal Eunuch
    Tiffany Dupont - Hadassah / Esther
    [Tag:courage, love]
  • “- King Xerxes: Of all commodities, love is the easiest... and the most cheaply purchased.
    - Hadassah / Esther: If it is for sale, my lord, it is not love.”

    Luke Goss - King Xerxes
    Tiffany Dupont - Hadassah / Esther
  • “My father told me it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter. And it takes the honor of Kings to search it out.”
    Tiffany Dupont - Hadassah / Esther
    [Tag:god, honor, truth]
  • “Let not this deed of refusal travel abroad to all women, making their husbands contemptible in their eyes. Let it not be said that Xerxes commanded his wife to come before him, but she came not.”
    John Noble - Prince Admantha