“Outrageous Fortune” quotes

Movie Outrageous Fortune
Title Outrageous Fortune
Year 1987
Director Arthur Hiller
Genre Comedy
Plot – Laurel Ames, a sophisticated girl who is passionate about dance, fencing and acting, is in love with Michael Santers. However, Sandy Brozinsky, a vulgar flashy girl from a different social class, also falls for the same boy. The two girls attend the same acting school, which is run by a Russian, and they immediately dislike each other. The feeling becomes a furious rivalry when the two discover that their "my man" is the same person. However, Michael suddenly disappears: he is actually a CIA agent, who dates both Lauren and Sandy to put in action his plan in favor of the Russians. As a matter of fact, he keeps in touch with the Russians thanks to the messages that the school director indirectly passes him, using the notes spontaneously taken in class by the two students. Apparently, Michael has perished in an attack, but the girls, who have become friends, do not believe it and set off to find the insolent man, whom, in the meanwhile, both the Russians and the CIA itself have started trying to track down. Everyone ends up in New Mexico where the girls find their beloved, who is now in possession of a vial which he has stolen and with which he attempts to organize a lucrative case of blackmail. Thanks to the tenacity of Sandy and Lauren, the plan fails and Michael falls into a ravine in a cloud of now useless dollars.
All actors – Shelley Long, Bette Midler, Peter Coyote, Robert Prosky, John Schuck, George Carlin, Anthony Heald, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Florence Stanley, Jerry Zaks, John DiSanti, Diana Bellamy
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