“Troop Beverly Hills” quotes

Movie Troop Beverly Hills
Title Troop Beverly Hills
Year 1989
Director Jeff Kanew
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Nefler Phyllis is a wealthy woman who just divorced from her husband Freddy. Since she is suffering, she looks for a job to prove that she is still able to do something useful. Therefore, she becomes the leader of the “Wilderness Girl”, the female version of boy scouts, in which her daughter is. At the beginning, she has to face many difficulties, but she improves so much that she also manages to win the yearly survival challenge.
All actors – Shelley Long, Craig T. Nelson, Betty Thomas, Mary Gross, Stephanie Beacham, Audra Lindley, Edd Byrnes, Ami Foster, Carla Gugino, Heather Hopper, Kellie Martin, Emily Schulman
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