“Saint Jack” quotes

Movie Saint Jack
Peter Bogdanovich directed this movie in 1979
Title Saint Jack
Year 1979
Director Peter Bogdanovich
Genre Drama
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Plot – Jack Flowers is an Italian-American man who lives in Singapore. There he makes a living with prostitution. Competitors are very fierce and Flowers is forced to accept Eddy Schumann's proposal, that is to entertain Vietnam soldiers. Then Schumann offers him 25,000 dollars to blackmail a US senator and Jack accepts, but he feels he has lost any chance to detach himself from criminality.
All actors – Ben Gazzara, Denholm Elliott, James Villiers, Joss Ackland, Rodney Bewes, Mark Kingston, Lisa Lu, Monika Subramaniam, Judy Lim, George Lazenby, Peter Bogdanovich, Joseph Noël
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  • “- Jack Flowers: Now, the Chinese, they go for Australian girls, y'know, big-boned. The Germans usually go for Tamils. The British don't give a damn as long as they're young and boyish, isn't that right, Colonel?
    - Col. Gunstone: Indubitably.
    - Jack Flowers: Well the Americans, they do a lot of hugging-up in taxis, y'know. When they go home they...” (continue)
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    Ben Gazzara - Jack Flowers
    L.T. Firbank - Col. Gunstone
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  • “William, people make love for so many crazyreasons, why shouldn't money be one of them?”
    Ben Gazzara - Jack Flowers
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  • “Ever since Kennedy and Castro, you can't get a good cigar in America.”
    Peter Bogdanovich - Eddie Schuman
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