“They All Laughed” quotes

Movie They All Laughed
Peter Bogdanovich directed this movie in 1981
Title They All Laughed
Year 1981
Director Peter Bogdanovich
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – In the 'Odyssey Detective Agency' work professional investigators, but Angela Niotes, John Russo and Routledge Charles constantly mix business with pleasure. The three detectives in fact usually fall in love with those they have to investigate about. After all, the Odyssey's director flirts with his secretary too. The events have a joyful end but the final is both cynical and sentimental.
All actors – Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, Patti Hansen, John Ritter, Dorothy Stratten, Blaine Novak, Linda MacEwen, George Morfogen, Colleen Camp, Sean H. Ferrer, Glenn Scarpelli, Vassili Lambrinos
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  • “That boy is very attractive but I don't think he understands the language.”

    Colleen Camp - Christy Miller
  • “- Charles Rutledge: I really like you Christy.
    - Christy Miller: Yeah, I know. Why don't we keep it that way, huh?
    - Charles Rutledge: You think?
    - Christy Miller: Yeah, I guess so. Why don't you kiss me anyway, it's such a nice afternoon.”

    John Ritter - Charles Rutledge
    Colleen Camp - Christy Miller
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  • “I for one am sick and tired, honey. Sick and tired. I'm not going to be one of your passive ladies trembling at the thought of you or to put up with any kind of maltreatment just for the glorious opportunity of spending a glorious night with you. Not once a week not once in a while not once in a blue moon, not by a long-shot honey, uh uh, no...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Colleen Camp - Christy Miller
  • “- Charles Rutledge: Would you like some new shoes?
    - Christy Miller: New shoes?
    - Charles Rutledge: Yes, those look pretty old.
    - Christy Miller: Thanks a bunch Charles! These happen to be an original 30's design. From the 30's!
    - Charles Rutledge: I know, wouldn't you like some new ones?”

    John Ritter - Charles Rutledge
    Colleen Camp - Christy Miller
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  • Lousy detectives. Couldn't follow an elephant up 5th. Girls slip through their fingers like sand.”
    Colleen Camp - Christy Miller