“Mask” quotes

Movie Mask
Peter Bogdanovich directed this movie in 1985
Title Mask
Year 1985
Director Peter Bogdanovich
Genre Drama, Biography
Plot – Rocky Dennis is sixteen and lives with his mother and her boyfriend. He's very intelligent but he suffers a rare disease which has deformed his skull and face. As a teenager, he struggles with daily life but Rocky has a strong character. He's a model student and his peers have accepted him. During the holidays, Rocky works as an assistant in a camp for blind guys and there he meets Diana, but her parents deny their relationship. When his best friend Ben tells Rocky he has to leave the town, all his hopes collapse, until one night Rocky dies while sleeping.
All actors – Cher, Sam Elliott, Eric Stoltz, Estelle Getty, Richard Dysart, Laura Dern, Micole Mercurio, Harry Carey Jr., Dennis Burkley, Lawrence Monoson, Ben Piazza, L. Craig King, Alexandra Powers, Kelly Jo Minter, Joe Unger, Todd Allen, Howard Hirdler, Jeannie Dimter Barton, Steve James, Cathy Arden, Andrew Robinson, Ivan J. Rado, Anna Hamilton Phelan, Wayne Grace, Nick Cassavetes, Les Dudek, Rebecca Wood, Paige Matthews, Patricia Pelham, Gale Ricketts, Stan Ross, Scott Willardsen, Marsha Warfield, Allison Roth, David Scott Milton, Creed Bratton, Charles Taylor, Rummel Mor, Barry Tubb, Norman Kaplan, Marilyn Hamilton, Anna Thea, Louis Waldon, Toni Sawyer, Lou Felder, Christopher Rydell, Beth McKinley, Jill Whitlow, Eddie Paul, Michael Adams, Jeff Jensen, Jack Wright, Dorothy Hack, Jo-El Sonnier, Robert 'Duckie' Carpenter, Djuna Hobbs
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