“Six-String Samurai” quotes

Movie Six-String Samurai
Title Six-String Samurai
Year 1998
Director Lance Mungia
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Music, Adventure, Action
All actors – Jeffrey Falcon, Justin McGuire, Kim De Angelo, Stephane Gauger, Clifford Hugo, Oleg Bernov, Igor Yuzov, Zhenya Kolykhanov, George L. Casillas, Avi Sills, Monti Ellison, Kareem
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  • “- Head Pin Pal: If I were you, I would run.
    - Buddy: If you were me, you'd be good-lookin'.”

    Monti Ellison - Head Pin Pal
    Jeffrey Falcon - Buddy
  • “I do not like rock-and-roll music. This is too loud! I like folk music, soft, nice music, huh? Polka, waltz, anything!”
    John Sarkisian - Russian General
  • “Nice tuxedo. Nice tuxedo to die in!”
    Monti Ellison - Head Pin Pal
  • “Float away, little butterfly. Just flutter away. I got a gig in Vegas. And the wastelands ain't no place for kids.”
    Jeffrey Falcon - Buddy
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  • “Cross that line, kid, I'll cut your little teddy bear in half. Last kid that crossed that line, I had to summon up the Spinach Monster with my rock 'n' roll magic. The Spinach Monster grabbed him, pulled him underground and made him eat spinach all day. Rumor has it, kid... he's still there.”
    Jeffrey Falcon - Buddy
  • “In 1957, the bomb dropped, and the Russians took over what was America. The last bastion of freedom became a place called Lost Vegas, and Elvis was crowned King. After forty rockin' years, The King is dead. Every guitar picking, sword swinging opportunist, including Death himself, hears the call echoing across the wastelands... Vegas needs a new...” (continue)(continue reading)

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  • “What are you lookin' at? You look up at the sky, you look down on the ground, but you don't look at me, kid. Got it?”
    Jeffrey Falcon - Buddy