“Muppets From Space” quotes

Movie Muppets From Space
Title Muppets From Space
Original title Muppets from Space
Year 1999
Director Tim Hill
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Music, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Plot – While Gonzo is looking for his real family, with his friend Rizzo he discovers that his relatives are aliens from a distant planet. After announcing to the world, through Miss Peggy’s talk show 'UFOMania', to be the living proof that we are not alone in the universe, Gonzo becomes the target of a paranoid government agent called K. Edgar Singer. Gonzo has to solve a double dilemma: is it better to fly away to search his family or stay on the Earth with his friends?
All actors – Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Bill Barretta, Jerry Nelson, Brian Henson, Kevin Clash, Frank Oz, Jeffrey Tambor, F. Murray Abraham, Rob Schneider, Josh Charles, Ray Liotta
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  • “- Kermit the Frog: He's one of us. And no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles we face, we never forget one of our own.
    - Miss Piggy: I love it when you take charge.
    - Fozzie Bear: Hey! We left Bunsen and Beaker back at the gas station.
    - Kermit the Frog: Okay... well, uh, from this point on , no matter what happens, we never forget one...” (continue)
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    Steve Whitmire - Kermit the Frog
    Frank Oz - Miss Piggy
    Frank Oz - Fozzie Bear
  • “- K. Edgar Singer: I'm afraid we're going to have to perform an invasive quadrilobal brain probe on you and pluck it from your head.
    - Gonzo: The information?
    - K. Edgar Singer: No, your brain.”

    Jeffrey Tambor - K. Edgar Singer
    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
    [Tag:brain, killing]
  • “- Gonzo: I'm an alien!
    - Rizzo the Rat: What, have you been tap dancing on the barbecue again?”

    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
    Steve Whitmire - Rizzo the Rat
    [Tag:alien, madness]
  • “Remember, I built this new Jacuzzi for my alien family, so please, no eating in the spa.”
    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
  • “- Gonzo: Rizzo, come here! I think my Kap'n Alphabet is sending me a message.
    - Rizzo the Rat: Yeah, I know what you mean. I had some guacamole last night, and it's still speaking to me.”

    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
    Steve Whitmire - Rizzo the Rat
  • “- Statler: I wonder if there really is life on other planets?
    - Waldorf: What do you care? You don't have a life on this planet.”

    Jerry Nelson - Statler
    Dave Goelz - Waldorf
    [Tag:alien, life, planets]
  • “If you experience any unpleasantness, please let me know. I would hate to miss it.”
    Brian Henson - Dr. Phil Van Neuter
    [Tag:experience, pain]
  • “- K. Edgar Singer: Forgive me my earthly manners, but, uh, do you have any idea what it's like to be laughed at?
    - Gonzo: Yeah, sure I do.”

    Jeffrey Tambor - K. Edgar Singer
    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
  • “- Agent Barker: We feel your pain, Gonzo.
    - Gonzo: They feel my pain!
    - Rizzo the Rat: I've got a paper-cut that's a doozy. You feel my pain too?”

    Josh Charles - Agent Barker
    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
    Steve Whitmire - Rizzo the Rat
    [Tag:empathy, feeling, pain]
  • “- Rizzo the Rat: I don't like the look of those guys. This rat smells a rat.
    - Agent Barker: The limo is right this way.
    - Rizzo the Rat: Did he say limo? Wait a second, I'm his translator. Hold up!”

    Steve Whitmire - Rizzo the Rat
    Josh Charles - Agent Barker
  • “- Gonzo: Rizzo?
    - Rizzo the Rat: No, it's Santa. But I forgot my reindeer.”

    Dave Goelz - Gonzo
    Steve Whitmire - Rizzo the Rat
  • “- Miss Piggy: I've got great news! Gonzo has been kidnapped by the government and it could be a life-threateningsituation!
    - Kermit the Frog: How can that be great news?
    - Miss Piggy: Because, I've got a story, I've got a story! Oh! I need to change! Something that says journalistic integrity.”

    Frank Oz - Miss Piggy
    Steve Whitmire - Kermit the Frog
  • “- Ubergonzo: Gonzo, by surviving and thriving on this alien planet, you have proven yourself audacious, courageous, and distinctly one of a kind. We welcome you back with our most ceremonious of ceremonies.
    - Gonzo: What's that?
    - Ubergonzo: We gonna blow you up, baby.”

    Jerry Nelson - Ubergonzo
    Dave Goelz - Gonzo