“The Adventures of Huck Finn” quotes

Movie The Adventures of Huck Finn
Title The Adventures of Huck Finn
Year 1993
Director Stephen Sommers
Genre Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Plot – Huck Finn performs his death and disappears to escape his drunk and violent father. He travels on a raft down the Mississippi river with Jim, a black slave who's escaping too to reach his family. They are hit by a boat and Jim is taken prisoner, but after a struggle Finn resumes his raft and with Jim continues the journey. The two guys are then captured by King and Duke, two impostors who have robbed three thousand US golden dollars to the Wilks heiresses. King and Duke want to donate the money back to the girls to snatch their trust. Jim is imprisoned while Huck warns Mary Jane, the eldest sister. Fortunately the impostors are sentenced to death and Jim is released, but he's hurt and he's about to be hanged. Mary Jane saves him and finally he knows his mistress has freed him.
All actors – Elijah Wood, Courtney B. Vance, Robbie Coltrane, Jason Robards, Ron Perlman, Dana Ivey, Anne Heche, James Gammon, Paxton Whitehead, Tom Aldredge, Laura Bell Bundy, Curtis Armstrong
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