“Flipper” quotes

Movie Flipper
Title Flipper
Year 1996
Director Alan Shapiro
Genre Adventure, Family
Interpreted by
Plot – Sandy Ricks is upset about his parents' probable divorce and is entrusted to his uncle Porter, who now is the only and rude owner of a semi-wrecked fishing boat and lives in a ramshackle cottage just a few meters from the sea. Porter roughly receives the boy: the first day he shows him a cot and provides him a kind of meal. The next day, after an improvised breakfast, Porter assigns Sandy his first job as a clumsy ship's boy. A solitary dolphin becomes his new friend, together with Kim, a local girl. When the dolphin is captured by Sheriff Buck and biologist Cathy, Sandy lives a great distress that softens Porter's attitude. The dolphin however reappears during a fishing and Sandy calls him Flipper.
All actors – Elijah Wood, Paul Hogan, Jonathan Banks, Robert Deacon, Ann Carey, Mark Casella, Luke Halpin, Bill Kelley, Chelsea Field, Jason Fuchs, Lindsay Treco, Jessica Wesson
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