“The Hoax” quotes

Movie The Hoax
Lasse Hallström directed this movie in 2006
Title The Hoax
Year 2006
Director Lasse Hallström
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – The movie is inspired to the true story of Clifford Irving. At the beginning of '70s he's a frustrated and unsuccessful writer, then he writes a false biography about tycoon Howard Hughes and sells the copyright to the publisher McGraw-Hill. The book has an enormous success also because Hughes has retired in complete solitude. Irving tells he has spent with Hughes a long period and then he has transcribed his confessions. The writer at first is supported, then in 1972 Irving is sentenced to two and a half years of prison.
All actors – David Aaron Baker, John Carter, Judi Barton, Raul S. Julia, James Biberi, Richard Gere, Hope Davis, Christopher Evan Welch, Okwui Okpokwasili, Alfred Molina, Bob Wiltfong, William Fowle
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