“The Rugrats Movie” quotes

Movie The Rugrats Movie
Title The Rugrats Movie
Year 1998
Directors Igor Kovalyov, Norton Virgien
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical, Adventure, Family, Animation
Plot – In the Pickles family, Dylan is the youngest son. The child doesn’t lose time and slips in the territory of the Rugrats’ gang, formed by his brother Tommy and his friends Chuckie, Phil and Lil. While his parents are busy solving many family problems, Dylan struggles to conquer a place in the Rugrats’ gang.
All actors – Elizabeth Daily, Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Melanie Chartoff, Phil Proctor, Cree Summer, Mary Gross, Kevin McBride, Andrea Martin, Michael Bell, Tress MacNeille, Jack Riley
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  • “- Didi Pickles: I can't believe you left them with your father. The man slept through Pearl Harbor, for heaven's sake!
    - Grandpa Lou: I sounded the alarm as soon as I could!”

    Melanie Chartoff - Didi Pickles
    Joe Alaskey - Grandpa Lou Pickles
  • “- Phil: I didn't know she could fly.
    - Lil: I think it's 'cause she's a witch.”

    Kath Soucie - Philip Deville
    Kath Soucie - Lillian Deville
    [Tag:flying, magic]
  • “Maybe real fire isn't the best idea for a children's toy.”
    Jack Riley - Stu Pickles
    [Tag:children, fire, toys]
  • “In my days, all we did was throw rocks at each other. Big bag of dirt clods - that's what the kids want.”
    Joe Alaskey - Grandpa Lou Pickles
  • “- Phil: All he does is cry and poop.
    - Tommy Pickles: So do you!
    - Phil: I don't cry that much.
    - Tommy Pickles: Well, you poop an awful lot!
    - Phil: Look who's talking, Mr. Chocolate Pants!”

    Kath Soucie - Philip Deville
    Elizabeth Daily - Tommy Pickles
    [Tag:crying, shit]
  • You want monkeys? Oh! I'll give you monkeys! You have a monkey Mommy, a monkey Daddy and a monkey brother! I should have let my friends take you back to the hospital, but "No!", I said. "He didn't mean it", I said. "He was only playing!". Well, I was wrong! Now I don't even have friends!

    Elizabeth Daily - Tommy Pickles
    [Tag:friends, solitude]
  • “- Serge: You know, I think coffee is better in St. Petersburg.
    - Igor: No, it is better in Kiev.
    - Serge: No; is better in St. Petersburg.
    - Igor: Nothing is better in St. Petersburg!”

    Abraham Benrubi - Serge
    Phil Proctor - Igor
    [Tag:city, coffee]