“The Players Club” quotes

Movie The Players Club
Title The Players Club
Year 1998
Director Ice Cube
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
All actors – LisaRaye McCoy, Dick Anthony Williams, Judyann Elder, Chrystale Wilson, Adele Givens, Bernie Mac, Anthony Johnson, Jimmy Woodard, Montae Russell, Oren Williams, Monica Calhoun, Jossie Thacker
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  • “Blue you ain't nothing! You don't deserve nut-zin, you don't get nothing. You get what I give you. I got a contract between me and you that say you do what I tell you to do. Therefore, shut the fuck, don't say nothin to me, don't even look at me. Tell you what, you better get on up outta my office and outta my face, before you get swole.”
    Bernie Mac - Dollar Bill
  • “It's bitches like you who make it harder for women like me.”

    LisaRaye McCoy - Diamond
    [Tag:insult, women]
  • Comin' to the stage now is a woman who's been in the game since Kunta Kinte was big ballin' and shot callin'. They say tricks are for kids and she got four of them mother fuckers! Let's give it up for "Trix"!

    Jamie Foxx - Blue
    [Tag:breast, nudity]
  • “- Blue: I just don't understand exactly why you're charging me twenty percent interest on the money that you loaned me, when you already taking thirty percent out of my check.
    - Dollar Bill: Welcome to the strippin' game, partner. Blue, you ain't nothin'. All you do is spin records, that's all you do. Who'd you think you are, DJ Quick? Kid...” (continue)
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    Jamie Foxx - Blue
    Bernie Mac - Dollar Bill
    [Tag:debt, money]
  • “I loved The Players Club for offering women a way to reach their goals in life. But I also hated The Players Club for all the girls it destroyed in the process.”
    LisaRaye McCoy - Diamond
  • “Make the money, don't let it make you.”
    LisaRaye McCoy - Diamond