“The Skulls” quotes

Movie The Skulls
Rob Cohen directed this movie in 2000
Title The Skulls
Year 2000
Director Rob Cohen
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Toby is the Yale sailing team captain. He has only one desire, that is to be part of 'The Skulls', the most exclusive secret society in the university. His best friend is admitted but he's killed shortly after. Toby wants to report the fact to the police but he's blackmailed. He has to fight to avenge his friend, trying to not be expelled from the university and, above all, to stay alive.
All actors – Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper, Leslie Bibb, Christopher McDonald, Steve Harris, William Petersen, Craig T. Nelson, David Asman, Scott Gibson, Nigel Bennett, Andrew Kraulis, Derek Aasland, Jennifer Melino, Noah Danby, Mac Fyfe, David Christo, Shaw Madson, Jesse Nilsson, Shawn Mathieson, Steven McCarthy, Matthew G. Taylor, Henry Alessandroni, James Finnerty, Cyprian Lerch, Dominic Kahn, Ken Campbell, Pedro Salvín, Derek Boyes, Katherine Trowell, Connie Buell, Stephen Richard, Kevin Allen, Paul Walker III, Jason Knight, Amanda Goundry, Malin Akerman, Larry Beatie, Rob Cohen, Jonathan Khan, Gillian Parker, Weir Revie
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