“The Wrong Guy” quotes

Movie The Wrong Guy
David Steinberg directed this movie in 1997
Title The Wrong Guy
Year 1997
Director David Steinberg
Genre Comedy, Thriller
All actors – Dave Foley, David Anthony Higgins, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Flaherty, Dan Redican, Alan Scarfe, Kenneth Welsh, Enrico Colantoni, Colm Feore, Arnie Achtman, Boyd Banks, Johanna Black
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  • “It's these damn eyes - they're too sensitive to chemicals and... filthy towels.”
    Dave Foley - Nelson Hibbert
    [Tag:eyes, weakness]
  • “I feel that I'm a pretty intuitive person. Except for that one guy who said he was an advanced scout for an alien invasionforce but it turned out he just wanted to get inside my pants.”
    Jennifer Tilly - Lynn Holden
    [Tag:attitude, naivety]
  • “I could kill you right now with just two teabags and some waxpaper!”
    Enrico Colantoni - Creepy Guy
  • “- Nelson Hibbert: What kind of a man has a favorite daughter?
    - Mr. Nagel: Now, moving along...
    - Nelson Hibbert: And if you do have a favorite then you should label them! Favorite and not favorite!”

    Dave Foley - Nelson Hibbert
    Kenneth Welsh - Mr. Nagel
  • - Creepy Guy: Know how many assassins it took to kill JFK?
    - Nelson Hibbert: One?
    - Creepy Guy: Nope. There were no gunmen at all. His head just did that. I call it the "No Bullet theory".

    Enrico Colantoni - Creepy Guy
    Dave Foley - Nelson Hibbert
  • “- Nelson Hibbert: Something happened to me back there with that gun pointed to my head. I had... um... I had a uh...
    - Lynn Holden: An epiphany?
    - Nelson Hibbert: No, no. It was more like a realization but on a grand scale...
    - Lynn Holden: An epiphany!
    - Nelson Hibbert: No, it had like religious proportions to it...
    - Lynn Holden: You're...” (continue)
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    Dave Foley - Nelson Hibbert
    Jennifer Tilly - Lynn Holden