“Thick as Thieves” quotes

Movie Thick as Thieves
Title Thick as Thieves
Year 1999
Director Scott Sanders
Genre Drama, Crime
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Plot – Professional thief Mackin accepts a task by Frank, a boss. He has to enter a printing press and to steal food coupons which are worth 250,000 dollars. After the hit, Mackin delivers the coupons to Pointy and receives his 20,000 dollars of compensation. On the same night, he's attacked by two policemen who work for Pointy, so he robs Pointy in turn as revenge. After a series of acts of violence, Frank manages to restore peace.
All actors – Mark Adair-Rios, Khandi Alexander, Erich Anderson, Cecil 'Shuckey Duckey' Armstrong, Tom Babuscio, Alec Baldwin, Reginald Ballard, Richard Beatty, Eric Bizot, Andre Braugher, Lisette Bross, David Byrd
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