“Tuck Everlasting” quotes

Movie Tuck Everlasting
Title Tuck Everlasting
Year 2002
Director Jay Russell
Genre Drama, Romance, Family
Plot – Winnie Foster, a teenager who dreams of a life far from the control of her mother, meets Jesse Tuck by chance in a forest. He is different from the people she knows. He and his parents greet her as if she is part of the family. However, the Tucks hide a secret that cannot be revealed, otherwise they will be punished with the transformation of the world in which they live: after drinking water from an enchanted stream, they were victims of a spell that made them immortal and thus destined to never age.
All actors – Alexis Bledel, William Hurt, Sissy Spacek, Jonathan Jackson, Scott Bairstow, Ben Kingsley, Amy Irving, Victor Garber, Kosha Engler, Richard Pilcher, Bradley Coryell, John Badila, Julia Hart, Naomi Kline, Kathryn Kelley, Brigid Cleary, Sean Pratt, Kyle Prue, Neal Moran, Irving Jacobs, Robert Lewis, Jean Schertler, Dominic Angelella, Theresa Flynn, Elizabeth McNamara, Steve Walker, Maurice Philogene, Kelly McDaniel, Reeny Eul, Jordin McDaniel, Beau Russell, Dillion Gardner, Charlie Cooper, Lester Horn, Cynthia Webb, Stephen Szibler, Sam De Crispino, Tom McNutt, Helen E. McNutt, Megan Cooper, Mac McLure, Matthew R. Staley, Tamara Carter, Elisabeth Shue, , Robert Randolph Caton, Bob Colletti, Peter Epstein, Rick Kain, Lauren Levitt, Michelle Mulitz
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