“Wes Craven's New Nightmare” quotes

Movie Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Wes Craven directed this movie in 1994
Title Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Original title New Nightmare
Year 1994
Director Wes Craven
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – Heather Langenkamp, star of the first film in the "Nightmare" series, is concerned by household earthquakes and certain nightmares of the monster Freddy Krueger. Moreover, the new claw that her husband, master of special effects Chase Porter, has designed for the latest movie with Englund, seems to have a life of its own. Heather's troubles multiply as her son Dylan manifests worrying signs: he stays up all night to watch clips from Freddy movies on a television that is not connected to the electrical system.
All actors – Jeff Davis, Heather Langenkamp, Miko Hughes, Matt Winston, Rob LaBelle, David Newsom, Wes Craven, Marianne Maddalena, Gretchen Oehler, Tracy Middendorf, Cully Fredricksen, Bodhi Elfman, Sam Rubin, Robert Englund, Claudia Haro, Sara Risher, Robert Shaye, Cindy Guidry, Ray Glanzmann, Yonda Davis, Michael Hagiwara, W. Earl Brown, Kenneth Zanchi, Jsu Garcia, Tuesday Knight, Beans Morocco, John Saxon, Tamara Mark, Fran Bennett, Lin Shaye, Deborah Zara Kobylt, Diane Nadeau, Star-Shemah Bobatoon, Lou Thornton, Cynthia Savage, Jessica Craven, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Thomas G. Burt, Tina Vail, Kathryn Greenwood, Kevin Harris, Amanda Wyss
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  • “- Wes Craven: I think the only way to stop him is to make another movie. Now I swear to you I'll I'm gonna stay by this computer and keep writing until I finish the script, but... when the time comes, you're gonna have to make a choice.
    - Heather Langenkamp: Choice? What kind of choice?
    - Wes Craven: Whether or not you will be willing to play...” (continue)
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    Wes Craven - Wes Craven
    Heather Langenkamp - Heather Langenkamp
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  • “- Robert Englund: I think they'd like to see us together again.
    - Heather Langenkamp: In what, a romantic comedy?
    - Robert Englund: Just because it's a love story doesn't mean it can't have a decapitation or two.”

    Robert Englund - Robert Englund
    Heather Langenkamp - Heather Langenkamp
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  • “- Robert Shaye: How would you like to join us in the definitive Nightmare?
    - Heather Langenkamp: I thought you killed Freddy off.
    - Robert Shaye: Well, we did, but the fans, you know, the fans, God bless them, they're clamoring for more. I guess evil never dies, right?”

    Robert Shaye - Robert Shaye
    Heather Langenkamp - Heather Langenkamp
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  • “- Heather Langenkamp: I'm hardly a star.
    - Limo Driver: What, are you kidding? I love your stuff. The first was the best. Where the girlfriend's cut open and dragged across the ceiling. It was awesome. And when all that blood comes ouf your boyfriend's bed? I thought I'd shit. But they never should've killed off Freddy.”

    Heather Langenkamp - Heather Langenkamp
    Cully Fredricksen - Limo Driver
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  • “Every kid knows who Freddy is. He's like Santa Claus... or King Kong or...”
    Heather Langenkamp - Heather Langenkamp
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