“Psycho” quotes

Movie Psycho
Title Psycho
Year 1998
Director Gus Van Sant
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Marion Crane is a young woman who impulsively robs her employer. She leaves the city and rents a room in the Bates Motel run by Norman Bates and his authoritarian mother. Marion finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time because Norman is a psychopath. This movie is the quintessence of suspense and a masterpiece in the history of cinema. Norman Bates represents the antithesis of every cinema characters seen before 1960: despite Norman has gentle manners and is a good-looking guy, he's a killer.
All actors – Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Julianne Moore, Viggo Mortensen, William H. Macy, Robert Forster, Philip Baker Hall, Anne Haney, Chad Everett, Rance Howard, Rita Wilson, James Remar
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