“The Langoliers” quotes

TV Series The Langoliers
Title The Langoliers
Year 1995
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Interpreted by
All actors – Tom Holland, Patricia Wettig, Kate Maberly, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Julie Arnold Lisnet, Frankie Faison, Baxter Harris, Michael Louden, Christopher Collet, Kymberly Dakin, Kimber Riddle, David Morse
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  • “An aurora over the desert. That strengthens my point. If we were to fly into that, and it was a time-rip then that means we're no longer in our own time, ladies and gentlemen.”
    Dean Stockwell - Bob Jenkins
    [Tag:time, traveling]
  • “- Craig Toomy: I have an important meeting in Boston at nine o'clock! And I forbid you... from flying to some whistle-stop Maine airport! Do you hear me?
    - Laurel Stevenson: Can you please quiet down? You're scaring the little girl.
    - Craig Toomy: Scaring the little girl? Scaring the little glirl? Lady! We've been diverted to some tin... pot...” (continue)
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    Bronson Pinchot - Craig Toomy
    Patricia Wettig - Laurel Stevenson
    [Tag:flying, manners]
  • “Would somebody speak to me, please? I'm sorry but my aunt's gone and I'm blind.”
    Kate Maberly - Dinah Bellman
    [Tag:blindness, loss]
  • “- Bob Jenkins: Let's say that every now and then a hole appears in the stream of time. Not a time-warm. A rip. A time rip. A rip in the central fabric.
    - Don Gaffney: That's the craziest thing I ever heard of!”

    Dean Stockwell - Bob Jenkins
    Frankie Faison - Don Gaffney
  • “Dinah says something's coming towards us, rather nasty and a rate of knots, and I, for one, believe her! Now, having a knowledge of what it is may not save our lives, but I'm bloody sure the lack of it's gonna put an end to us! And soon!”
    Mark Lindsay Chapman - Nick Hopewell
  • “- Bob Jenkins: Let's say that such rips do occur every now and then. It would be similar to rare weather phenomenons that are reported. Upside-down tornadoes, circular rainbows, daytime starlight.
    - Brian Engle: The aurora borealis.
    - Bob Jenkins: What?
    - Brian Engle: There was an aurora borealis over the Mojavi Desert when we left L.A.X.”

    Dean Stockwell - Bob Jenkins
    David Morse - Brian Engle
    [Tag:flying, weather]
  • “The bottom line is, I believe, that we have hopped an absurdly short distance into he past. Say as little as 15 minutes and we're discovering the unlovely truth about time travel.”
    Dean Stockwell - Bob Jenkins
    [Tag:time, traveling, truth]
  • - Nick Hopewell: Do you ever watch Mr. Spock on "Star Trek"?
    - Craig Toomy: What the hell are you talking about?
    - Nick Hopewell: Just if you don't shut your cakehole, you bloody idiot, I'll be happy to demonstrate his Vulcan sleeper-hold for you.

    Mark Lindsay Chapman - Nick Hopewell
    Bronson Pinchot - Craig Toomy