“The X Files” quotes

TV Series The X Files
Title The X Files
Year 1993
Creator Chris Carter
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – The X-Files is an American science fiction drama television series following Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a medical doctor and a skeptic, is assigned to scientifically analyze Mulder's discoveries. Together, they try to solve the mysteries within the U.S. government, sometimes risking their lives and career.
All actors – Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Robert Patrick, Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund, Annabeth Gish, Nicholas Lea, James Pickens Jr., Sheila Larken, Chris Owens, Don S. Williams, Steven Williams, Jerry Hardin, Laurie Holden, Rebecca Toolan, Brian Thompson, Bill Dow, Brendan Beiser, John Neville, Mimi Rogers, Peter Donat, Cary Elwes, Morris Panych, Charles Cioffi, Alex Diakun, John Finn, Jeff Gulka, Kirk B.R. Woller, Malcolm Stewart, William MacDonald, Zachary Ansley
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