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Identikit and personal data
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November 1, 1905 in Roma
April 2, 1990 in Roma
film director, actor, scriptwriter
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Aldo Fabrizi quotes
  • “It's not hard to die well. The hard thing is to live well.”
    Aldo Fabrizi - Don Pietro Pellegrini
  • - Pina: Doesn't Christ see us?
    - Don Pietro Pellegrini: So many people ask me that: "Doesn't Christ see us?" But are we sure we haven't deserved this scourge? Are we sure we've always lived according to the Lord's laws? People never think of changing their ways, but when the piper must be paid, they despair and ask, "Doesn't the Lord see us?... (continue)
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    Anna Magnani - Pina
    Aldo Fabrizi - Don Pietro Pellegrini
  • “- Major Bergman: You clearly aim to harm the Reich and its armed forces.
    - Don Pietro Pellegrini: That wasn't exactly my aim.
    - Major Bergman: Then what would you call a man who not only provides refuge and forged documents to Italians plotting attacks on our soldiers but even shelters German deserters?
    - Don Pietro Pellegrini: A man who humbly...” (continue)
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    Harry Feist - Major Bergmann
    Aldo Fabrizi - Don Pietro Pellegrini
  • “I am a Catholic priest. I believe that those who fight for justice and truth walk in the path of God and the paths of God are infinite.”
    Aldo Fabrizi - Don Pietro Pellegrini
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