“A Small Circle of Friends” quotes

Movie A Small Circle of Friends
Rob Cohen directed this movie in 1980
Title A Small Circle of Friends
Year 1980
Director Rob Cohen
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
All actors – Brad Davis, Karen Allen, Jameson Parker, Shelley Long, John Friedrich, Gary Springer, Craig Richard Nelson, Harry Caesar, Nan Martin, Daniel Stern, Jason Laskay, Jamie Squire
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  • “- Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo: Where's your boyfriend from?
    - Jessica Bloom: San Francisco.
    - Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo: That's not a boyfriend. That's a pen-pal!”

    Brad Davis - Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo
    Karen Allen - Jessica Bloom
  • “Only men would come up with a draft lottery that uses balls.”

    Shelley Lee Long - Alice
  • “I'll tell you exactly what I mean... and it has a great deal to do with the meaning of this bed: Go fuck yourself!”

    Karen Allen - Jessica Bloom
  • “Egypt's not in Europe. That's only a technicality!”
    Brad Davis - Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo
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  • “- Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo: I would like to take Photography 101.
    - Class Selection Secretary: Um, I don't think...
    - Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo: Madame, I know I am blind! But I don't see why that should hold me back from taking the classes I want. Look at Beethoven, deaf as he was... did anybody tell him not to compose music? Look at Helen Keller......” (continue)
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    Brad Davis - Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo