“American Me” quotes

Movie American Me
Edward James Olmos directed this movie in 1992
Title American Me
Year 1992
Director Edward James Olmos
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Biography
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Plot – Santana is a gang member together with his friends Mundo and JD, but soon he goes to jail. After he has served his sentence, he's arrested again and this time he's sent to a reformatory, where he stays for eighteen years and where he forms another powerful gang. When he exits the reformatory, he's the usual violent guy, but the world outside has changed.
All actors – Sal Lopez, Vira Montes, Roberto Martín Márquez, Dyana Ortelli, Joe Aubel, Rob Garrett, Lance August, Cody Glenn, Don Pugsley, Panchito Gómez, Albert Joe Medina Jr., Alex Solís
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