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  • “- Dr. Malcolm Sayer: It was an immenseproject. I was to extract 1 decagram of myelin from 4 tons of earth worms.
    - Dr. Sullivan: Really!
    - Dr. Malcolm Sayer: Yes. I was on the project for 5 years. I was the only one who believed in it. Everyone else said it couldn't be done.
    - Dr. Kaufman: It can't.
    - Dr. Malcolm Sayer: I know that now. I...” (continue)
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    Robin Williams - Dr. Malcolm Sayer
    John Christopher Jones - Dr. Sullivan
    John Heard - Dr. Kaufman
  • I watched the war on TV like everybody else. Thought the same damn things. You know what you thought when you saw a picture of a young woman with a baby lying face down in a dictch, two gooks. You had three reactions, Rich, same as everybody else. The first one was real easy: "I hate the United States of America". Yeah. You see the same damn... (continue)(continue reading)
    John Heard - Alex Cutter
    [Tag:indifference, war]
  • “- Charles: How can jumping on a trampoline straighten out bow-legs?
    - Laura: I was misinformed!”

    John Heard - Charles
    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
    [Tag:body, sport]
  • “- Skye Davidson: I wonder how long it's gonna take them to find our bodies.
    - Prof. Lance Davidson: Probably never. You know, that's assuming they'd even look. You know how many bodies are buried out here they've never found? San Bernardino Sheriff's Office told me that if all the dead bodies in the dessert stood up at the same time, this place...” (continue)
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    Kate Hudson - Skye Davidson
    John Heard - Prof. Lance Davidson
    [Tag:body, death]
  • “- Peter McCallister: Hi.
    - Harry: Hi. Are you Mr. McCallister?
    - Peter McCallister: Yeah.
    - Harry: The Mr. McCallister who lives here?
    - Peter McCallister: Yes.
    - Pizza Boy: Oh, good, because somebody owes me $122.50.”

    John Heard - Peter McCallister
    Dan Charles Zukoski - Pizza Boy
    [Tag:debt, money, payment]
  • “The day my grandfather killed himself, he went hunting and shot two grouse. After the funeral, my grandmother cleaned and cooked the grouse.”
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Brother Timothy: Most people can't figure it out. My brother was the one who was supposed to have the vocation. Me, they had me written off as the bum. But here I am, wearing a robe, bouncing a ball off the steps of the rectory.
    - Michael Dunn: Was your brother a bum?
    - Brother Timothy: Sort of. Sells life insurance down in Maryland.”

    John Heard - Brother Timothy
    Andrew McCarthy - Michael Dunn
    [Tag:brothers, clergy, job]
  • “- Skye Davidson: No cable?
    - Caroline Baxter: I tried get it, but they actually wanted me to pay for 45 miles cable.
    - Prof. Lance Davidson: Sounds like a satellite dish would be cheaper.
    - Caroline Baxter: Yes, but then the aliens would know where we are.”

    Kate Hudson - Skye Davidson
    Lucinda Jenney - Caroline Baxter
    John Heard - Prof. Lance Davidson
    [Tag:money, television]
  • “I don't drink. You know, the routine grind drives me to drink. Tragedy, I take straight.”
    John Heard - Alex Cutter
  • “- Blind Man: You've been up all night. That only makes things look worse.
    - Charles: Yeah? I really thought I was having a nervousbreakdown for a second there.
    - Blind Man: Sure!”

    Allen Joseph - Blind Man
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Josh: I'm much better at video hockey.
    - Paul: That's not a sport.
    - Josh: It requires hand and eye coordination.
    - Paul: It's not a sport if you don't sweat.”

    Tom Hanks - Josh
    John Heard - Paul
  • “- Brother Thadeus: We all come to the order, full of ideas... and we often find that we have much to learn ourselves. Nevertheless, authority must never be undermined by the display of dissent among the faculty. For the students' sake, you understand.
    - Brother Timothy: No, I don't understand.
    - Brother Thadeus: Then you should try to restrain...” (continue)
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    Donald Sutherland - Brother Thadeus
    John Heard - Brother Timothy
    [Tag:clergy, learning]
  • “Rip Torn could get angrier faster than any other American actor.”
    John Heard On Rip Torn
  • Television is fast and loose. ”
    John Heard
  • “If Martin Scorsese thinks you stink, you stink.”
    John Heard On Martin Scorsese
  • “- Jack Edwards: It's the art of bringing people to agree on a certain course of action. If that course of action succeeds, the people are satisfied. If not, they're not. It's as simple as that. If it works, it's good. Period.
    - Thomas Harriman: Isn't that exactly what you said 'why politics doesn't work anymore'? That politics, you said, needed...” (continue)
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    Sam Waterston - Jack Edwards
    John Heard - Thomas Harriman
  • “- Charles: I thought you said you were on the trampoline team in high school.
    - Laura: I was on the trampoline team in high school.
    - Charles: That must have been before it became a competitive sport.
    - Laura: I never said I was any good you know.”

    John Heard - Charles
    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
    [Tag:ability, school, sport]
  • “- Charles: Do you want me to get the food, mother?
    - Clara: What food?
    - Charles: The turkey!
    - Clara: There isn't any turkey.
    - Charles: Whatever it is that you prepared, would you like me to go into the kitchen and get it?
    - Clara: I didn't prepare anything. There isn't any dinner.”

    John Heard - Charles
    Gloria Grahame - Clara
    [Tag:dinner, food, mother]
  • “- Laura: I haven't felt terrific in a long time.
    - Charles: If I make you feel terrific, will you marry me?”

    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Tom the Bartender: How about a drink? You look like you could use one.
    - Paul Hackett: You don't happen to have any powerful aphrodisiacs back there, do you?”

    John Heard - Tom the Bartender
    Griffin Dunne - Paul Hackett
  • “We are the Coast Guard's elite. We are the best of the best. When storms shut down entire ports, we go out. When hurricanes ground the United States Navy, we go out. And when the Holy Lord himself reaches down from heaven and destroys His good work with winds that rip houses off the ground, we go out.”
    John Heard - Capt. Frank Larson
    [Tag:danger, job, rescue]
  • “- Charles: Could you imagine living with a man named Ox?
    - Susan: Yes, if she's happy.
    - Charles: She's not happy.
    - Susan: Are you happy?
    - Charles: What's happy?”

    John Heard - Charles
    Tarah Nutter - Susan
    [Tag:happiness, name]
  • “If by some miracle you actually have what it takes to become one of us, then you get to live a life of meager pay with the distinct possibility of dying slow, cold and alone somewhere in the vast sea. However, you also get the chance to save lives, and there is no greater calling in the world than that.”
    John Heard - Capt. Frank Larson
    [Tag:danger, gratitude, job]
  • “- Richard Bone: You know, you've got one big problem.
    - Alex Cutter: What's that?
    - Richard Bone: Your imagination.
    - Alex Cutter: These are just the facts, Rich. I mean, I haven't even begun to let my imagination loose on this one.”

    Jeff Bridges - Richard Bone
    John Heard - Alex Cutter
  • “- Kate McCallister: Did you close the garage?
    - Peter McCallister: That's it. I forgot to close the garage, that's it.
    - Peter McCallister: No, that's not it.
    - Kate McCallister: Well, what else could we be forgetting?
    - Kate McCallister: Kevin!”

    Catherine O'Hara - Kate McCallister
    John Heard - Peter McCallister