“My Family” quotes

Movie My Family
Title My Family
Year 1995
Director Gregory Nava
Genre Drama
All actors – Edward James Olmos, Rafael Cortes, Ivette Reina, Amelia Zapata, Jacob Vargas, Emilio Del Haro, Abel Woolrich, León Singer, Rosalee Mayeux, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia del Lago, Thomas Rosales Jr.
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  • “You, young people! You think that you know everything. That nobody's ever lived before you. Don't you think that I know how it feels to be picked up by La Migra and sent away? Without ever seeing my family? Without ever knowing what will happen? Do you want to teach me something about survival?”
    Jenny Gago - Maria
  • “Cihuateteo. That's what my mother called them. The souls of women who had died giving birth. They became Cihuateteo, the spirits who helped the sun to set. Without Cihuateteo, the sun would not be able to rest.”
    Edward James Olmos - Paco
    [Tag:birth, soul, women]
  • “- Jose: Maria, we've had a good life. We've been very lucky.
    - Maria: It would have been even better if...
    - Jose: No Maria, don't say it. Don't even say it. It is wrong to wish for too much in this life. God has been good to us. We've been very lucky. And our life have been very, very good.
    - Maria: You're right. We've had a very, good life.”

    Eduardo López Rojas - Jose
    Jenny Gago - Maria
  • “Everyone said the police had killed Chucho, but my mother never believed it. She knew that he was meant to die at the river. Chucho's life had been on borrowed time, but you cannot cheat fate forever. The spirit of the river had returned to claim what was rightfuly his.”
    Edward James Olmos - Paco
    [Tag:fate, killing, nature]
  • “Everyone thought it was odd that Toni was going to be a nun, but then she always was the bossy type, and that's the type that usually becomes a nun.”
    Edward James Olmos - Paco
    [Tag:boss, nuns, strength]
  • “- Young Jose: Maria?
    - Young Maria: I promised La Virgen that I would return to you.”

    Jacob Vargas - Young Jose
    Jennifer Lopez - Young Maria
    [Tag:promises, return]
  • “There are certain things in life that are sacred - sagradas - and we don't spit on them. Because, without them, it doesn't matter whether we live or die. Marriage is something that we don't spit on.”
    Jenny Gago - Maria