“Black Widow” quotes

Movie Black Widow
Title Black Widow
Year 1987
Director Bob Rafelson
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Alexandra Barnes is an intelligent young woman, but her work as an agent for the Department of Justice does not satisfy her completely. She is appointed to sensitive criminal investigations that tie her to the computer, until one day she connects data and baffling coincidences relate to an unknown serial killer who could actually be a woman, because three rich men in different parts of the US have been murdered in similar circumstances and have left a large inheritance to their wives (or is it the same person with different names?) who have disappeared soon after their deaths. Alexandra has something concrete in her hands and obtains permission from her boss to follow the leads. She lands in Hawaii in search of the mysterious woman and ends up meeting and suspecting Catherine. The two women become friends and spend days together, while Alexandra awaits certain proof of Catherine's identity. Catherine, meanwhile, has fallen in love again, this time with local businessman and playboy Paul Nuytten. The criminal begins her usual tactic: she seduces him, she studies his habits and meanwhile prepares the poison that she will put in a bottle of liquor that Paul will drink while she is absent so as not to appear involved. However, she makes the mistake of introducing the man to her new friend Alexandra - besides putting the spiked bottle in her room. Alexandra, in love with Paul, warns him of the risks he is running considering the allegations pending on Catherine. Alexandra will be officially charged with the man's death and will end up in jail, but in a surprise ending Paul reappears with the Police by his side: his death was simulated. Alexandra had agreed with the Police to be accused of the murder in order to unmask and condemn the real murder. Alexandra is therefore saved just in time from the murderer since perverse seductive Catherine was establishing an ambiguous relationship with her, almost manipulating the young woman as well.
All actors – Debra Winger, Theresa Russell, Sami Frey, Dennis Hopper, Nicol Williamson, Terry O'Quinn, James Hong, Diane Ladd, D.W. Moffett, Lois Smith, Leo Rossi, Danny Kamekona
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