“Born Yesterday” quotes

Movie Born Yesterday
Title Born Yesterday
Year 1993
Director Luis Mandoki
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – The arrival of former dancer Billie Dawn in Washington D.C. does not go unnoticed. She could end up changing the bureaucratic capital of the USA, but she will not be the same either. Appearing on the social scene that surrounds the American political elite as the girlfriend of billionaire Harry Brock, the pretty blonde's intellectual inadequacy causes considerable embarrassment right from the start. Drawn only to shopping, jewelry and all those things that make a material girl happy, Billie is a fish out of water in Washington's sophisticated atmosphere. At least she is until Harry, uncultured like Billie but confident thanks to his wealth, hires clever journalist Paul Verrall to intellectually enhance his glitzy, albeit rough, diamond. Paul is far from the pedantic teacher Billie imagined and she soon learns from the handsome instructor that knowledge is power. And with Billie's gradual progress toward autonomy of thought, Harry and the capital's intelligentsia also learn something: that the woman who no one was listening to has much to say and is determined to take back control over her life.
All actors – Melanie Griffith, John Goodman, Don Johnson, Edward Herrmann, Max Perlich, Michael Ensign, Benjamin C. Bradlee, Sally Quinn, William Frankfather, Fred Dalton Thompson, Celeste Yarnall, Nora Dunn, Meg Wittner, William Forward, Mary Gordon Murray, Ted Raimi, Rondi Reed, Matthew Faison, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Arthur Leeds, John Wesley, Andi Chapman, Drew Snyder, Terri Hanauer, John Achorn, Ann Hearn, Gordon Reinhart, Selma Archerd, Catherine Hausman, Freda Foh Shen, Marisol Massey, Leroy R. Perry Jr., Tony Palladino, Amanda Hendon, Fritz Sperberg, Robyn Renner, Paul Guyot, , Mary Kay Adams, Lena Banks, Ryal Haakenson, Aaron Michael Lacey, D.H. Martin
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