“Confidence” quotes

Movie Confidence
Title Confidence
Year 2003
Director James Foley
Genre Crime, Thriller
Plot – Jake Vig is a master in the art of the scam. One day he cheats for a few thousand dollars a man that later reveals to be the leader's accountant of one of the worst criminal gangs. Jake and his group look for success in a blatant scam, but problems are right around the corner.
All actors – Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Morris Chestnut, Leland Orser, Louis Lombardi, Paul Giamatti, Brian Van Holt, Donal Logue, Luis Guzmán, April O'Brien, Jay Giannone, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Franky G, Dustin Hoffman, Melissa Lawner, Nicole Marie Lenz, Robert Forster, Elle Alexander, John Carroll Lynch, Elysia Skye, Robert Pine, Andy Garcia, Mary Portser, Michael Dempsey, Steve Tom, Abdoulaye NGom, Barry Blueian, Jackson Bolt, Aaron Brumfield, Angelo Fierro, Steven Oliver Price, Michelle Ruben, Tamie Sheffield, Michael R. Thayer, Santiago Verdu
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