“Cube²: Hypercube” quotes

Movie Cube²: Hypercube
Title Cube²: Hypercube
Original title Cube 2: Hypercube
Year 2002
Director Andrzej Sekula
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
All actors – Kari Matchett, Geraint Wyn Davies, Grace Lynn Kung, Matthew Ferguson, Neil Crone, Barbara Gordon, Lindsey Connell, Greer Kent, Bruce Gray, Philip Akin, Paul Robbins, Andrew Scorer
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  • “He's a high-tech genius whose morals make Muammar Kadafi look like Mother Teresa!”
    Matthew Ferguson - Max Reisler
  • “You don't think the guy who makes the toilets for the Space Shuttle gets to see the plans for the rest of it?”
    Neil Crone - Jerry Whitehall
  • “Each one of these rooms has six of these doors and portals, but no matter how many different doors and portals I go through I always end up in the same three rooms.”
    Neil Crone - Jerry Whitehall
  • “- Simon Grady: I've waited a long time for payback.
    - Kate Filmore: But, that was just seconds ago.
    - Simon Grady: Don't be so stupid Kate. You know time works differently in this place.”

    Geraint Wyn Davies - Simon Grady
    Kari Matchett - Kate Filmore
  • “- Jerry Whitehall: You don't happen to know why you're here, do you?
    - Mrs. Paley: Oh, dear, I was never very good at philosophy.”

    Neil Crone - Jerry Whitehall
    Barbara Gordon - Mrs. Paley
  • “- Kate Filmore: Okay, let's just say we are in this hypercube or whatever; does this diagram show us how to get out?
    - Jerry Whitehall: Well... no. You see a hypercube isn't supposed to be real. It's just a theoretical construct.”

    Kari Matchett - Kate Filmore
    Neil Crone - Jerry Whitehall
  • “I want a chance! God. I want a chance. God. I want a chance, like everyone else!”
    Bruce Gray - Colonel Thomas H. Maguire
  • “This place changes your perception about what's possible.”
    Kari Matchett - Kate Filmore
  • “- Jerry Whitehall: I've been trying to get a handle on the configuration of these rooms. All I can say is...
    - Simon Grady: They just don't make any sense.”

    Neil Crone - Jerry Whitehall
    Geraint Wyn Davies - Simon Grady
  • “- Jerry Whitehall: Sixty thousand, six hundred and fifty-nine rooms? Christ.
    - Kate Filmore: This place must be huge.
    - Mrs. Paley: Oh, yes, yes. In a hypercube, there could be 60 million rooms.”

    Neil Crone - Jerry Whitehall
    Kari Matchett - Kate Filmore
    Barbara Gordon - Mrs. Paley