“Devil in the Flesh” quotes

Movie Devil in the Flesh
Title Devil in the Flesh
Year 1998
Director Steve Cohen
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
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Plot – Debbie loses her mother in a fire and is forced to go to live with her grandmother. The woman is churchy and violent and Debbie manages to escape from her control. When the grandmother unmasks her, the teenage doesn't hesitate to kill her.
All actors – Rose McGowan, Alex McArthur, Peg Shirley, J.C. Brandy, Phil Morris, Robert Silver, Sherrie Rose, Ryan Bittle, Julia Nickson, Krissy Carlson, Wendy Robie, Philip Boyd
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  • “No means no. Don't you guys get that? What is it, you stop understanding English when you get a hard-on?”
    Rose McGowan - Debbie Strand
  • “- Debbie: I was out with a friend.
    - Fiona: Oh, a friend? Are all your friends deviant men twice your age?
    - Debbie: What are you talking about?
    - Fiona: Giving your body to men. You're a whore just like your mother!
    - Debbie: Don't call me that! I'm nothing like her.”

    Rose McGowan - Debbie Strand
    Peg Shirley - Fiona Long
    [Tag:insult, mother, sex]
  • “Spare the rod, spoil the child - is that the idea? Is this how you raised my mother? No wonder she was such a fucking bitch!”

    Rose McGowan - Debbie Strand
  • “- Fiona: I've seen him, the one you've been writing to. I'm talking about this!
    - Debbie: You read my diary? How dare you!
    - Fiona: This is my house, and I will not have this immoral behavior in it any longer! I am calling the police. And then I'm calling the school and reporting this devil, Peter. Then I'll call that Asian woman and have you...” (continue)
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    Peg Shirley - Fiona Long
    Rose McGowan - Debbie Strand
  • “- Fiona: Please, have mercy...
    - Debbie: Fuck mercy! You don't have any mercy. My mother never had it, my father didn't have it, and I don't have it. It's a family thing!”

    Peg Shirley - Fiona Long
    Rose McGowan - Debbie Strand
    [Tag:family, habit, mercy]