“Five Feet Apart” quotes

Movie Five Feet Apart
Title Five Feet Apart
Year 2019
Director Justin Baldoni
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Stella Grant is almost 17, she is always on her computer and loves her friends. Unlike her peers, she spends most of her time at the hospital because of her cystic fibrosis. Her life is made of routine activities, don’ts and self-control, until she meets Will Newman, a guy who is sick like her. Even if their health conditions force them to maintain a certain distance, they start getting closer and closer. As their bond grows stronger and stronger, so does their desire of breaking the rules, however for Will, rebelling against the rules would mean putting his health at risk.
All actors – Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias, Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Parminder Nagra, Claire Forlani, Emily Baldoni, Gary Weeks, Cynthia Evans, Brett Austin Johnson, Ariana Guerra, Sophia Bernard, Evangeline Hill, Ivy Dubreuil, Kristopher Perez, Cecilia Leal, Trina LaFargue, Demi Castro, Keianna Nutley, Armando Leduc, Jim Gleason, Phillip Mullings Jr., Todd Terry, Maxwell Baldoni, Sue-Lynn Ansari, Judy McGee Burley, Rebecca Chulew, Ken Knight, Michael McQuillan, Christopher Morris, Johnny Otto, Toney Chapman Steele, Kaleb Williams
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  • “This whole time I've been living for my treatments, instead of doing my treatments so that I can live. And I wanna live.”
    Haley Lu Richardson - Stella
  • “I'm tired of living without really living. I'm tired of wanting things. We can't have a lot of things. But we could have this.”
    Cole Sprouse - Will
  • “Human touch. Our first form of communication. Safety, security, comfort, all in the gentle caress of a finger. Or the brush of lips on a soft cheek. It connects us when we're happy, bolsters us in times of fear, excites us in times of passion and love. We need that touch from the one we love, almost as much as we need air to breathe. But I never...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Haley Lu Richardson - Stella
  • “Everything about you is sexy.”

    Cole Sprouse - Will
  • “- Stella: You're the kind of guy that ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control. Am I right?
    - Will: You're not wrong.”

    Haley Lu Richardson - Stella
    Cole Sprouse - Will
  • “- Will: Sorry to disturb you but do you know how much a polar bear weights?
    - Stella: Um... no.
    - Will: Enough to break the ice. Hi, I'm Will Newman.”

    Haley Lu Richardson - Will
    Cole Sprouse - Stella
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  • “- Meredith: I like seeing you like this.
    - Will: Like what?
    - Meredith: Hopeful.”

    Claire Forlani - Meredith
    Cole Sprouse - Will
  • “It's just life, It'll be over before you know it.”
    Cole Sprouse - Will
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