“Grease 2” quotes

Movie Grease 2
Title Grease 2
Year 1982
Director Patricia Birch
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical, Romance
Plot – During the '60s the Pink Ladies go out with T-Birds guys at Rydell High School. Stephanie, their leader, isn't satisfied as her classmates are too superficial and she dreams about a special boy. Michael Carrington, Sandy's cousin, is a new student and doesn't get along with the most popular guys in school, but he falls in love at first sight with Stephanie. After school, Michael works to buy a motorcycle and he desires to become a cool ryder to impress the girl. When the school finishes and everyone gets the diploma, Stephanie and Michael get engaged and he is finally an honorary member of the T-Birds.
All actors – Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Lorna Luft, Maureen Teefy, Alison Price, Pamela Adlon, Adrian Zmed, Peter Frechette, Christopher McDonald, Leif Green, Didi Conn, Eve Arden
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  • “See what happens when a boy and a girl don't know how to play it safe!”

    Peter Frechette - DiMucci
    [Tag:safety, sex]
  • “- Girl Goosed in class: I'm a little worried... I've missed my last two periods.
    - Miss McGee: That's all right, dear, you can make them up after school.
    [realizes after the girl left what kind of 'periods' she meant, stares in horror]”

    Janet Jones - Girl Goosed in class
    Eve Arden - Miss McGee
  • “- Stephanie: Maybe I'm tired of being someone's chick!
    - Rhonda: Tired of being someone's chick? Are you feeling okay?”

    Michelle Pfeiffer - Stephanie
    Alison Price - Rhonda
  • “- Delores: Life stinks.
    - Michael: Are you talking to me?
    - Delores: Yeah, you'll do.”

    Pamela Adlon - Dolores
    Maxwell Caulfield - Michael
    [Tag:life, talking]
  • “- Davey: [to Johnny] What are you going to be when you grow up?
    - Goose: A burden on society.”

    Leif Green - Davey
    Christopher McDonald - Goose
  • “- Stephanie: There's gotta be more to life than just makin' out.
    - Paulette: Y'know, I never thought of it that way!”

    Michelle Pfeiffer - Stephanie
    Lorna Luft - Paulette
    [Tag:kiss, life, thinking]
  • “- Michael: I wanted to ask you if you're free after school today.
    - Stephanie: Yeah. I'm free every day. It's in the Constitution.”

    Maxwell Caulfield - Michael
    Michelle Pfeiffer - Stephanie
  • “- DiMucci: You got something going with Paulette?
    - Nogerelli: Let's just say I'm giving her therapy for her disease.
    - DiMucci: Which disease?
    - Nogerelli: Nymphomania.”

    Peter Frechette - DiMucci
    Adrian Zmed - Nogerelli
    [Tag:disease, sex]