“Guinevere” quotes

Movie Guinevere
Title Guinevere
Year 1999
Director Audrey Wells
Genre Drama, Romance
Interpreted by
All actors – Sarah Polley, Stephen Rea, Jean Smart, Gina Gershon, Paul Dooley, Carrie Preston, Tracy Letts, Emily Procter, Sharon McNight, Gedde Watanabe, Carlton Wilborn, Sandra Oh
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  • “The photographer lived in San Francisco up until last week. He was the worst man I ever met, or maybe the best, I'm still not sure. If you're supposed to learn by your mistakes, then he was the best mistake I ever made. He was my most spectacular and cherished fuckup, and I was his Guinevere, whatever that means.”

    Sarah Polley - Harper Sloane
    [Tag:learning, men, mistake]
  • “I've been finding that dying is a hell of a time not to believe in God.”
    Stephen Rea - Connie Fitzpatrick
    [Tag:death, faith, god]
  • “What is... a man of, uh, your age... doing with my 21-year-old daughter? It'd be easy enough to say you're afraid of mature women, but that's so glib. Afraid of what, exactly? So I kept thinking. And then it hit me. I know exactly what she has that I haven't got. Awe. That's it, isn't it? I mean, no real woman, no woman of experience would ever...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Jean Smart - Deborah Sloane
    [Tag:fear, maturity, youth]
  • "Wow, look at that man. Look at that bohemian weddingphotographer... with holes in his jeans. Gosh, isn't he something?". No. I mean, it takes a naive girl for that. It takes Harper for that.

    Jean Smart - Deborah Sloane
  • “You will soon take a giant 12-inch cock up your ass. In bed. I don't know, somehow... it didn't make mine any funnier.”

    Sarah Polley - Harper Sloane
    [Tag:genitalia, humor, sex]