“Houseguest” quotes

Movie Houseguest
Title Houseguest
Year 1995
Director Randall Miller
Genre Comedy
Interpreted by
Plot – Kevin Franklin has a dream, but cannot find the money he needs. In order to finance his new business, he borrows money from the Gasperini brother, notorious loan sharks, and ends up running up debts with them. At a certain point, Kevin takes the chance to get away from them by posing as an important Baltimore dentist with the Youngs family. He stays over at the Youngs as a guest for the weekend and will have to get rid of the gangsters without being discovered.
All actors – Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Kim Greist, Kim Murphy, Chauncey Leopardi, Talia Seider, Paul Ben-Victor, Tony Longo, Jeffrey Jones, Stan Shaw, Ron Glass, Kevin Jordan
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