“Mom and Dad Save the World” quotes

Movie Mom and Dad Save the World
Greg Beeman directed this movie in 1992
Title Mom and Dad Save the World
Year 1992
Director Greg Beeman
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Plot – Spengo is the evil emperor of a small planet where the inhabitants have a low IQ. He wants to destroy the Earth because he's envious, but he has to come to terms with a couple from California.
All actors – Teri Garr, Jeffrey Jones, Jon Lovitz, Thalmus Rasulala, Wallace Shawn, Eric Idle, Dwier Brown, Kathy Ireland, Suzanne Ventulett, Michael Stoyanov, Danny Cooksey, Charlie Dell
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  • “What we lack in brains, we make up for with good intentions.”
    Dwier Brown - Sirk, Raff's Son
  • “That's my wife you got there! That's my planet you're blowing up! And that's... that's just some guy I met, but still, I think this thing has gone just a little too far!”

    Jeffrey Jones - Dick Nelson
  • “At the very edge of the galaxy is our world. The tiny planet known, as Spengo. For many decades, I was the king of this planet. The people were happy and their lives were good... But also, alas, we were a planet of idiots. Then, one day, the most bloodthirsty, fearsome villain had ever seen seized power, imprisoned me, and renamed the planet...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Eric Idle - King Raff
  • “- Emperor Tod Spengo: What do you think of me now, Afir?
    - General Afir: I think you're a small, pathetic, insignificant, little criten.”

    Jon Lovitz - Emperor Tod Spengo
    Thalmus Rasulala - General Afir
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