“Lady and the Tramp” quotes

Movie Lady and the Tramp
Clyde Geronimi directed this movie in 1955
Title Lady and the Tramp
Year 1955
Directors Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske
Genre Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Family, Animation
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Plot – A young husband gives to his wife Lilli, a small and lovely dog. The puppy becomes soon the queen of the house, but the arrival of a baby makes Lilli feel abandoned and repudiated. She's destinated to the kennel too, but Lilli escapes. Only Biagio, a stray dog, saves her from troubles. When the two dogs save the baby from a serious danger, the couple accepts them in the house as a reward. The dogs become the child's most loyal and devoted friends.
All actors – Peggy Lee, Larry Roberts, Bill Baucom, Verna Felton, George Givot, Stan Freberg, Lee Millar, Barbara Luddy, Bill Thompson, Dal McKennon, Alan Reed, The Mellomen
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  • “I'll bet they got a lid on every trash can… Uh-oh, and a fence around every tree! I wonder what the leash-and-collar set does for excitement?”

    Larry Roberts - Tramp
    [Tag:dogs, wealth]
  • “- Lady: What's a baby?
    - Jock: Well, they... they resemble humans.
    - Trusty: But I'd say a mite smaller.
    - Jock: Aye, and they walk on all fours.
    - Trusty: And if I remember correctly... they beller a lot.
    - Jock: Aye, and they're very expensive. You'll no be permitted to play with it.
    - Trusty: But they're mighty sweet.
    - Jock: And very very...” (continue)
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    Barbara Luddy - Lady
    Bill Thompson - Jock
    Bill Baucom - Trusty
    Larry Roberts - Tramp
  • “- Trusty: As my grandpappy, Ol' Reliable used to say... I don't recollect that I've ever mentioned Ol' Reliable before?
    - Jock: Aye, you have, laddie. Frequently.”

    Bill Baucom - Trusty
    Bill Thompson - Jock
  • “We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don't please.”
    Peggy Lee - Si
    Peggy Lee - Am
  • “A human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.”
    Larry Roberts - Tramp
    [Tag:children, dogs, heart]
  • - Tony: Hey, she's pretty sweet kiddo, Butch. You take a Tony's advice and settle down with this-a one, eh?
    - Lady: "This-a one"?
    - Tramp: This-a one... this-a... Oh! Tony, you know. He's-a not-a speak-a English-a pretty good.

    George Givot - Tony
    Barbara Luddy - Lady
    Larry Roberts - Tramp
  • “You see, Pidge, when you're footloose and collar-free, well, you take nothing but the best.”
    Larry Roberts - Tramp
  • “Everybody knows a man's best friend is his human.”
    Bill Baucom - Trusty
    [Tag:dogs, friends, men]