“The 7th Voyage of Sinbad” quotes

Movie The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
Title The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
Year 1958
Director Nathan Juran
Genre Adventure, Family, Action
Plot – Sinbad, a sailor, is on his way to join Princess Parisa, his betrothed. After stopping on Colossa Island for water, he is attacked by the giant Cyclops that inhabit the place. Sinbad manages to escape, taking the wizard Sokurah with him. While fleeing, the wizard loses a magic lamp that he was carrying. Sinbad and Sokurah arrive in Baghdad, where the celebrations for Sinbad's wedding with the Princess have started, but the wizard does not want to give up his lamp so easily. In order to persuade Sinbad to return to the island, face the Cyclops and find the lamp, the wizard casts a spell on Parisa. The ingredients to find a cure for the spell can be found in Colossa Island, and so, driven by the love for Parisa, Sinbad leaves with the wizard.
All actors – Kerwin Mathews, Kathryn Grant, Richard Eyer, Torin Thatcher, Alec Mango, Danny Green, Harold Kasket, Alfred Brown, Nana DeHerrera, Nino Falanga, Luis Guedes, Virgilio Teixeira, , Robert Barnete, Juan Olaguivel
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  • “- Princess Parisa: Sinbad, how can you love a tiny, insignificant female such as I?
    - Sinbad: A diamond is a tiny thing, yet it is very precious and beautiful.”

    Kathryn Grant - Princess Parisa
    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    [Tag:compliments, love]
  • Hear my curse, for it seals your doom. Those who harm us shall be driven mad. Terror shall be in your hearts. And before dawn, you will plead with us for your very lives.”
    Torin Thatcher - Sokurah the Magician
  • “- Sinbad: Well done, Baronni. I know you will be as good a sailor as you were a genie.
    - The Genie: I shall try, captain. I shall try.”

    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    Richard Eyer - The Genie
    [Tag:ability, sailors]
  • “- Princess Parisa: And you're as tiny as I am.
    - The Genie: How else could I live inside a lamp?
    - Princess Parisa: And such a lovely one.”

    Kathryn Grant - Princess Parisa
    Richard Eyer - The Genie
  • “- Princess Parisa: I sometimes wonder what they would think if they could see me as I am.
    - Sinbad: I do not trust them out of my sight, or in it.”

    Kathryn Grant - Princess Parisa
    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
  • “The genie of the lamp cannot be used to work harm. But in protection, his powers are invincible.”
    Torin Thatcher - Sokurah the Magician
    [Tag:power, rescue]
  • “- Princess Parisa: If you are indeed a magician, why do you not use your great power to slay the one-eyed monster?
    - Sokurah the Magician: I had prepared a potion for just such a purpose... but I could not persuade the Cyclops to swallow it.”

    Kathryn Grant - Princess Parisa
    Torin Thatcher - Sokurah the Magician
  • “- Sinbad: I have come to raise a crew for the hard and dangerous voyage to the land of Colossa.
    - Karim: The land of the cyclops. We may be thieves and murderers, but we're not fools.”

    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    Danny Green - Karim
  • “- Sinbad: The Caliph of Baghdad has offered you full pardon.
    - Jafa: He offers us a choice of two kinds of death.”

    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    Robert Barnete - Jafa
  • “For another such kiss, I'd invent a whole continent.”

    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
  • Allah has many ways of dealing with hungry men.”
    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    [Tag:god, hunger]
  • “- Caliph: Where will you find the crew, Sinbad?
    - Sinbad: The bravest of my former men will sail with me.
    - Caliph: That will not be enough. Where will you find the others?
    - Sinbad: I'll find them... where men fear the headman's axe more than the cyclops - in the caliph's prison yard.”

    Alec Mango - Caliph
    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    [Tag:bravery, team]
  • “- Sinbad: May Allah grant we find food and water.
    - Harufa: And may Allah grant we find nothing else.”

    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    Alfred Brown - Harufa
    [Tag:food, god, prayer]
  • “I cannot return to the real world until I am called by my name... Barani.”
    Richard Eyer - The Genie
  • “The most comfortable prison is still a lonely place.”
    Richard Eyer - The Genie
    [Tag:prison, solitude]
  • “From the land beyond beyond... from the world past hope and fear... I bid you Genie, now appear.”
    Torin Thatcher - Sokurah the Magician