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Sturt Taylor
Rod Taylor
January 11, 1930
January 7, 2015
North American
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Rod Taylor quotes
  • “- Melanie Daniels: On Mondays and Wednesdays I work for the Travelers Aid at the airport.
    - Mitch Brenner: Helping travelers?
    - Melanie Daniels: No, misdirecting them.”

    Tippi Hedren - Melanie Daniels
    Rod Taylor - Mitch Brenner
    [Tag:job, working]
  • “- Mitch Brenner: Aren't those lovebirds?
    - Melanie Daniels: No, those are, uh, red birds.
    - Mitch Brenner: Oh, I thought they were strawberry finches.
    - Melanie Daniels: Oh, yes. We call them that, too.”

    Rod Taylor - Mitch Brenner
    Tippi Hedren - Melanie Daniels
  • “- Melanie Daniels: Just what is it you're looking for, sir?
    - Mitch Brenner: Lovebirds.
    - Melanie Daniels: Lovebirds, sir?
    - Mitch Brenner: Yes. I understand there are different varieties. Is that true?
    - Melanie Daniels: Oh yes, there are.
    - Mitch Brenner: Well, uh, these are for my sister, for her birthday, see, and uh, as she's only gonna be...” (continue)
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    Tippi Hedren - Melanie Daniels
    Rod Taylor - Mitch Brenner
  • “Art doesn't feed me or fill the void when I am not working. If I haven't worked for six months, I can't paint.”
    Rod Taylor
  • “The fact that I'm going to be unsuccessful at times is pretty well-balanced by the fact that I'm going to be successful at others.”
    Rod Taylor
    [Tag:failure, success]
  • “To put what you see on paper is the same as funneling what you feel through yourself as a performer.”
    Rod Taylor
    [Tag:acting, painting]
  • “- Pongo: What? 99? Where did they all come from?
    - Perdita: What on earth would she want with so many?
    - Spotty: She's gonna make coats out of us!”

    Rod Taylor - Pongo
    Cate Bauer - Perdita
    Rickie Sorensen - Spotty
  • “It was a beautiful spring day. Tedious time of the year for bachelors.”
    Rod Taylor - Pongo
  • “- Pongo: Come on, kids! Roll in the soot!
    - Penny: You mean you want us to get dirty?
    - Pepper: Did you hear that, Freckles? Dad wants us to get dirty.
    - Cadpig: Mother, should we?
    - Perdita: Do as your father says.
    - Pepper: This'll be fun!
    - Cadpig: I always wanted to get good and dirty!”

    Rod Taylor - Pongo
    Sandra Abbott - Penny
    Cate Bauer - Perdita
    [Tag:cleanliness, dirt]