“Malicious” quotes

Movie Malicious
Title Malicious
Year 1995
Director Ian Corson
Genre Drama, Thriller
All actors – Molly Ringwald, John Vernon, Patrick McGaw, Mimi Kuzyk, Sarah Lassez, Rick Henrickson, Jennifer Copping, Stephen E. Miller, Joe Maffei, Michael Ryan, Jerry Wasserman, Jay Brazeau
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  • “You're a killer now, is that it? Well, you know, guns are pretty messy, are you sure you can handle it?”
    Molly Ringwald - Melissa Nelson
  • “- Melissa: What did he do, fuck some other girl?
    - Laura: Excuse me?
    - Melissa: Did he put his cock somewhere he shouldn't have?”

    Molly Ringwald - Melissa Nelson
    Sarah Lassez - Laura
    [Tag:adultery, sex]
  • “What about me? Huh, what about how I feel? Did you ever stop to consider that? Huh? I mean, what did you think I was? Just some slut plaything you could do what you want with and then just throw me away afterwards?”
    Molly Ringwald - Melissa Nelson
  • “She set me up. She almost killed my mother and she almost killed me.”
    Patrick McGaw - Doug Gordon
    [Tag:danger, killing]
  • “- Melissa: You wanna fuck?
    - Doug: What?
    - Melissa: Fuck. I can demonstrate, if you like.
    - Doug: I already told you, I have a girlfriend.
    - Melissa: I don't know. Your mouth says that, but your body is saying something different.”

    Molly Ringwald - Melissa Nelson
    Patrick McGaw - Doug Gordon