“Moonlight Mile” quotes

Movie Moonlight Mile
Brad Silberling directed this movie in 2002
Title Moonlight Mile
Year 2002
Director Brad Silberling
Genre Drama, Romance
All actors – Jake Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Alexia Landeau, Richard Messing, Lev Friedman, Bob Clendenin, Jim Fyfe, Mary Ellen Trainor, Richard Fancy, Marcia Mitzman Gaven, Allan Corduner
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  • “Dear Bertie, You asked me before where I went. And I want to tell you. I went to a place where nothing's right, where every moment's backwards, every sky's without colour, without hope. I tried to come back, Bertie. But I got lost. And while I was gone, I met you. And I didn't even have the courage to realize I was home. A wise friend of mine...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jake Gyllenhaal - Joe Nast
    [Tag:despair, home, seeking]
  • “- Mike Mulcahey: Joe, we are brothers. I'm younger than you are. I'm a man of your time. What do we brother's lack...?
    - Joe Nast: So... uh, so many things...?
    - Mike Mulcahey: One thing!... one... time!”

    Dabney Coleman - Mike Mulcahey
    Jake Gyllenhaal - Joe Nast
    [Tag:brothers, time]
  • “The truth is hard. Sometimes it looks so wrong, y'know. The color's off, the style's wrong, but I guess... I guess it's where the good ones live.”
    Jake Gyllenhaal - Joe Nast
    [Tag:goodness, truth]
  • “You find your home, and it may not be what you thought - you know; colour's off, style's wrong... but there it is anyway and to hell with you if you can't take a joke. You find your home. Ben's mine.”
    Susan Sarandon - Jojo Floss
    [Tag:home, partner]
  • “When I go to bed at night I do 4 things. I drop my robe, slide under the sheets, turn on my left side and stick out my ass. That's it. That's the signal. I just - I back it right up there because I know when I do, no matter how cold the damn thing is, no matter how difficult it might feel, no matter how desperately we want to kill each other...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Susan Sarandon - Jojo Floss