“Nacho Libre” quotes

Movie Nacho Libre
Title Nacho Libre
Year 2006
Director Jared Hess
Genre Comedy, Sport, Family
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Plot – Ignácio is a young Mexican monk who works in the monastery's kitchen. His secret passion is lucha libre, the mexican wrestling. Ignácio wears a tattered masked wrestler costume and registers under the name of 'Nacho' at the local wrestling competitions. His purpose is to win 200 dollars, the money he needs to save the orphanage where he has grown up.
All actors – Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera, Héctor Jiménez, Darius Rose, Moises Arias, Diego Eduardo Gomez, Carlos Maycotte, Richard Montoya, Cesar Gonzalez, Rafael Montalvo, Julio Sandoval, Ventura 'Tigre Hispano' Lahoz
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