“Never Forget” quotes

Movie Never Forget
Title Never Forget
Year 1991
Director Joseph Sargent
Genre Drama, War
All actors – Leonard Nimoy, Dabney Coleman, Blythe Danner, Paul Hampton, Jason Presson, Juliet Sorci, Nicholas Fee, Benji Gregory, Hanna Hertelendy, David Margulies, Thomas Bellin, Tracy Brooks Swope
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  • “Let me tell you something you probably already know: Now, the Institute for Historical Review is part of an ongoing germ; it's a network of professional liars and haters who get pleasure out of telling their horrible lies.”

    Tracy Brooks Swope - Ms. Teitler
    [Tag:genocide, hatred, lies]
  • “If you give them the recognition they are looking for, they win; ignore them, you win.”

  • “- Bernie Mermelstein: Don't you think you're kind of over reacting about a dumb letter? There's a lot of nut cases running around shootin' their mouths off.
    - Mel Mermelstein: Yes. And sometimes people listen to them.”

    Jason Presson - Bernie Mermelstein
    Leonard Nimoy - Mel Mermelstein
  • “- Little boy in the group of children visiting Mel's Holocaust survivor art display: Why did the Nazi's do all of this, Mr. Mermelstein?
    - Mel Mermelstein: That's a good question. You see, this is an old political trick. If you can find a scapegoat, somebody you can blame for all of the problems, and if you can get people to believe that their...” (continue)
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    Leonard Nimoy - Mel Mermelstein