“The Prince of Tides” quotes

Movie The Prince of Tides
Barbra Streisand directed this movie in 1991
Title The Prince of Tides
Year 1991
Director Barbra Streisand
Genre Drama
Plot – Tom Wingo goes to New York to prevent another suicide attempt of his twin sister Savannah. He talks with her psychiatrist, Susan Lowenstein, and he confides her about their violent and alcoholic father and their superficial and fatuous mother. Their eldest brother Luke tragically died in a shootout with police and after that Savannah has come to New York to work as a poet, while Tom has become a football coach. Then the man finally finds the courage to confide Susan the atrocious rape he has suffered together with his mother Lila and Savannah by three escapees from the nearby penitentiary. As Luke entered the house, he killed them and their mother kept it secret. The confession finally frees Tom by his sense of guilt and allows Susan to heal Savannah. Tom is now serene and comes back home to his wife, ready to give her and to his daughters a new affection.
All actors – Nick Nolte, Barbra Streisand, Blythe Danner, Kate Nelligan, Jeroen Krabbé, Melinda Dillon, George Carlin, Jason Gould, Brad Sullivan, Maggie Collier, Lindsay Wray, Brandlyn Whitaker, Justen Woods, Bobby Fain, Trey Yearwood, Tiffany Jean Davis, Nancy Moore Atchison, Kiki Runyan, Grayson Fricke, Ryan Newman, Chris Stacy, Milton Clark Jr., Bonnie Johnson, Dottie Soracco, Bob Hannah, Norman Max Maxwell, R.D. Oprea, Rebecca Fleming, Sandy Rowe, Alan Sader, Frederick Neumann, Nick Searcy, Kirk Whalum, Marilyn Carter, Yvonne Erickson, Lee Lively, Ann Pierce, Francis Dumaurier, John Arceri, Warren Kremin, Robert Baglia, Leon Watkins
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