“Problem Child 3: Junior in Love” quotes

Movie Problem Child 3: Junior in Love
Greg Beeman directed this movie in 1995
Title Problem Child 3: Junior in Love
Year 1995
Director Greg Beeman
Genre Comedy, Family
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Plot – Junior has fallen in love with Tiffany, the school's most popular girl. He doesn't cut her some slack and terrifies anyone he meets, including his bad tempered grandfather. Furthermore, his dentist wants him to wear a retainer.
All actors – William Katt, Justin Chapman, Sherman Howard, Carolyn Lowery, Eric Edwards, Blake McIver Ewing, Jennifer Ogletree, Brock Pierce, Jake Richardson, Gilbert Gottfried, Jack Warden, Ellen Albertini Dow
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  • “- Junior Healy: Dad, hockey is a dangerous sport.
    - Ben Healy: No, it's not about hockey. It's about the way you treat other people.
    - Junior Healy: I did nothing to Blade and those other guys that they wouldn't have done to me... except they couldn't have done it with as much style!”

    Justin Chapman - Junior Healy
    William Katt - Ben Healy
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  • “- Junior Healy: I'm getting out.
    - Ben Healy: You can't just get out of a moving vehicle!
    - Junior Healy: Well, anything's better than listening to this lecture!”

    Justin Chapman - Junior Healy
    William Katt - Ben Healy
  • “Hi. This is me. Junior Healy. This is me and my dad, Ben Healy. He's the best, I love him and he loves me. This is my grandpa, Big Ben Healy. He's old, wrinkly and mean. Believe it or not, some people think I'm a devil. But I'm not. I'm an angel.”
    Justin Chapman - Junior Healy
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