“License to Drive” quotes

Movie License to Drive
Greg Beeman directed this movie in 1988
Title License to Drive
Year 1988
Director Greg Beeman
Genre Comedy
Plot – At 16 Les flunks his driving test and it's the worst thing that could happen to him because he has to date his girlfriend Mercedes. That evening he takes his grandfather's Cadillac and goes out with Mercedes, so everyone thinks he got the license. When he comes back home the next morning he's caught by his father, because his mom is in labor pains and has to go to the hospital urgently. Les wants to confess the whole story but the family has to run to the hospital. During the route, they have an accident and the Cadillac is reduced to a scrap. After the birth however, Les' grandfather tells everyone he smashed Les' father BMW.
All actors – Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Carol Kane, Richard Masur, Heather Graham, Michael Manasseri, Harvey Miller, Michael A. Nickles, Nina Siemaszko, Grant Goodeve, James Avery, Grant Heslov
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  • “- Les Anderson: Hey dad, did you take a look at that brochure I gave you?
    - Mr. Anderson: Yeah.
    - Les Anderson: And what did you think?
    - Mr. Anderson: A 23,000 dollar BMW for a kid who hasn't had a job in his life... I think it's a great idea!”

    Corey Haim - Les Anderson
    Richard Masur - Mr. Anderson
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  • “To live in fear is not to live at all.”
    Corey Feldman - Dean
    [Tag:courage, fear, living]
  • “- Les' DMV Examiner: Now Anderson, I want you to take a good look at my cup of coffee. Now, I love my coffee. It's probably the only thing I cherish on this god forsaken mud ball called Earth! What I'm trying to say, Anderson, is that most examiners rely on this clipboard, I don't believe in that shit. What I do believe is in my cup of coffee....” (continue)(continue reading)

    James Avery - Les' DMV Examiner
    Corey Haim - Les Anderson
  • “I am so dead they're going to have to bury me twice.”
    Corey Haim - Les Anderson
    [Tag:death, trouble]
  • “Could you take the car out of neutral? We just got passed by a street sweeper.”
    Corey Feldman - Dean
    [Tag:cars, speed]
  • “Mr. Anderson, it's punks like you that paramedics end up scraping off the road at four in the morning. For your sake, and the safety of others, I hope you fail your driving exam.”
    Michael Ensign - School Teacher
  • “Natalie! I was wondering, if you were driving 55 miles per hour and you collided with a runaway train, would it make any improvement on your face?”
    Corey Feldman - Dean
  • “Son, I’ve driven with deer, elk, and even bears strapped to the hood of this truck. So, no 65 pound sack of shit is gonna shake me a hell a difference.”

    R.A. Mihailoff - Tow Truck Driver
    [Tag:animals, cars]
  • “- Les Anderson: I'm with her!
    - Club Doorman: Boy, you wouldn't be with her if she was your siamese twin. Now get lost.”

    Corey Haim - Les Anderson
    Eric Rosse - Club Doorman