“Senseless” quotes

Movie Senseless
Title Senseless
Year 1998
Director Penelope Spheeris
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Darryl Withespoon is an Economics student. He's brilliant but poor, but he wants to pay alone his tuition fees and to find an apartment for his mother. The search for money turns Darryl desperate and everything would be different if he won a rich scholarship. Darryl applies for every kind of job, even acting as a guinea pig to test a new drug whose side effects are unpredictable.
All actors – Marlon Wayans, Brad Dourif, Esther Scott, Debra Jo Rupp, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Matthew Lillard, David Spade, Tamara Taylor, John Ingle, Rip Torn, Ernie Lively, Jenette Goldstein
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