“Sharky's Machine” quotes

Movie Sharky's Machine
Burt Reynolds directed this movie in 1981
Title Sharky's Machine
Year 1981
Director Burt Reynolds
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Cop Tim Sharky works in the drug squad and now is on a difficult and risky case. He's in touch with the leader of the drug traffickers and he's forced to accelerate negotiations, so he shoots the criminals. In the shootout, Sharky wounds a passerby and he's transferred to another squad. The new job seems easier, until Sharky finds new evidences about a politician's case. The events worsen and some of his men are killed, but Sharky manages to discover the truth.
All actors – Burt Reynolds, Vittorio Gassman, Brian Keith, Charles Durning, Earl Holliman, Bernie Casey, Henry Silva, Richard Libertini, Darryl Hickman, Rachel Ward, Joseph Mascolo, Carol Locatell
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