“The End” quotes

Movie The End
Burt Reynolds directed this movie in 1978
Title The End
Year 1978
Director Burt Reynolds
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – The doctor was very clear: Sonny Lawson has maximum of one year left to live. However, no one seems interested in him: his divorced wife avoids him, his new girlfriend is distracted like his old parents, even the priest is not very sensitive. So after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Sonny instructs a psychopath to kill him. He then changes his mind, but it is too late to escape the attacks of the killer.
All actors – Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Sally Field, Strother Martin, David Steinberg, Joanne Woodward, Norman Fell, Myrna Loy, Kristy McNichol, Pat O'Brien, Robby Benson, Carl Reiner
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  • “- Wendell Sonny Lawson: Mom, I've been having trouble getting sleep lately. Do you have any sleeping pills?
    - Maureen Lawson: Sleeping pills? I don't think we have any sleeping pills do we, Ben?
    - Ben Lawson: Your know darn well we have enough sleeping pills in there to put the whole Mormon Tabernacle Choir in a coma!”

    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
    Myrna Loy - Maureen Lawson
    Pat O'Brien - Ben Lawson
  • “Bless me, Dave, for I have sinned.”
    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
  • When I was a kid, I was tormented with Polish jokes. Oh, you know, "Who was Poland's Man of the Year?" - Nobody. "How do you sing the Polish National Anthem?" - You don't sing it, you fart it. "How do you tell a Polack's identification?" - By the shit in his wallet.
    Dom DeLuise - Marlon Borunki
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  • “You know, a lot of doctors have different theories about why I did it: Mother complex. Father complex. Feelings of inferiority. Suppressed rage. But I, and I alone, know the reason that I did it... It was because... he was so Polish!”

    Dom DeLuise - Marlon Borunki
  • “- Marlon Borunki: It's very interesting the way you woke up cursing. A large percentage of attempted suicides wake up with exclamations of hostility.
    - Wendell Sonny Lawson: Where am I?
    - Marlon Borunki: 92% of them ask that. You're in La Playa.
    - Wendell Sonny Lawson: The nut house?
    - Marlon Borunki: That's a cruel label. We prefer, booby hatch.”

    Dom DeLuise - Marlon Borunki
    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
    [Tag:house, suicide]
  • “- Marlon Borunki: You don't like me any more.
    - Wendell Sonny Lawson: I like you, Marlon. I like you, I really do.
    - Marlon Borunki: You do?
    - Wendell Sonny Lawson: I do. But you've got to understand. Tell me you understand.
    - Marlon Borunki: I understand. I love you, Sonny. I really do.
    - Wendell Sonny Lawson: I love youto, Marlon.
    - Marlon...” (continue)
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    Dom DeLuise - Marlon Borunki
    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
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  • “Oh, God! Let me live, and I promise to obey every one of the Ten Commandments. I shall not kill... I shall not commit adultery... I shall not... I... uh... I'll learn the Ten Commandments, and then I'll obey every fucking one of them!”
    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
  • “I want to live. I want to live.”

    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
  • “Sonny, you are driving me crazy!”
    Sally Field - Mary Ellen
  • “Sane people make a lot of crazy rules.”
    Dom DeLuise - Marlon Borunki
    [Tag:madness, rules]
  • “- Wendell Sonny Lawson: I'm talking about dying.
    - Marty Lieberman: What do you mean?
    - Wendell Sonny Lawson: I mean lying in the ground with dirt on your face and holding your breath forever.”

    Burt Reynolds - Wendell Sonny Lawson
    David Steinberg - Marty Lieberman
  • “Do you think we'll ever change to the metric system?”
    Dom DeLuise - Marlon Borunki