“Sleeping with Other People” quotes

Movie Sleeping with Other People
Title Sleeping with Other People
Year 2015
Director Leslye Headland
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – A womanizer befriends an unrepentant serial traitor. At first they have a platonic relationship, but then they fall in love and learn to give infidelities a rest.
All actors – Alison Brie, Jason Sudeikis, Jordan Carlos, Margarita Levieva, Charles Cain, Adam Brody, Michael Cyril Creighton, Billy Eichner, Jason Mantzoukas, Margaret Odette, Amanda Peet, Victoria Frings
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  • “- Jake: Will you take drugs with me and go to a kid's birthday party?
    - Lainey: I literally thought you'd never ask.”

    Jason Sudeikis - Jake
    Alison Brie - Lainey
    [Tag:drugs, madness]
  • “- Xander: What the fuck is that?
    - Jake: That was repartee.
    - Xander: That's exactly why I can't have you at the party, because you have repartee with everybody. You love repartee. All you wanna do is flit around the party, flirt with the moms. And then they all get mad and they turn on each other then they yell at Naomi then Naomi yells at me...” (continue)
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    Jason Mantzoukas - Xander
    Jason Sudeikis - Jake
  • “- Jake: I love you for free, Lainey.
    - Lainey: I love you for free, Jake.”

    Jason Sudeikis - Jake
    Alison Brie - Lainey
  • “- Lainey: If you want someone to fall for you, you gotta be you.
    - Jake: Yeah I don't think I like me enough to introduce him to other people.”

    Alison Brie - Lainey
    Jason Sudeikis - Jake
  • “- Lainey: Would any of it sound familiar to Emma?
    - Matthew: Some, yeah.
    - Lainey: I don't think she needs to know the things she holds close to her heart were rehearsed on someone else.”

    Alison Brie - Lainey
    Adam Scott - Matthew
    [Tag:advice, love]
  • “- Lainey: I know that you stop breathing when you kiss, that when you lean in to whisper you put your lips right ence the back of my earlobe, that you kiss the back of my neck before you slip my coat over my shoulders. I remember every compliment you ever gave me, everything you ever did to me in bed. And the day you made me yours, the day you...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Alison Brie - Lainey
    Adam Scott - Matthew
    [Tag:kiss, love, romance]
  • “Can we please go home, dry each other off with friction?”
    Jason Sudeikis - Jake
    [Tag:irony, sex]
  • “When you start sleeping with someone you risk losing them.”
    Jason Sudeikis - Jake
  • “- Lainey: First of all, you are not the Mark Zuckerberg of vaginas.
    - Jake: I don't know who that is.”

    Alison Brie - Lainey
    Jason Sudeikis - Jake